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Robert Plant on stage at Oude Rai in Amsterdam, 1972.

 Robert Plant on stage at Madison Square Garden, 1975.

Jimmy Page - Honolulu, 1972

Kids at Woodstock Festival, 1969.

Robert Plant backstage at the Bath Festival, 1970.

google did not let me down

well mr morrison it’s been 43 years since that dreadful night you left us and even though i didn’t even exist when you roamed this earth it doesn’t make it any easier on me. i wish you could be alive to see the impact you’ve made on people from your generation through to mine. i wish you could be alive to see how right you were about the world’s future. i wish you could be alive to see how many people love you and your music. you’ll be an inspiration to me as long as i’m alive; your name written on my arm goes to show just that. much love to you, the lizard king on this day. we all miss you too much jim.

There is literally no reason not to.



Jimmy Page | Led Zeppelin
San Fransisco, 1975

No disrespect to the Golden God, but I’ll take the Black Dragon.

Yay, more golden god for me ^_^